It has been a while since my last post ... sorry about that, but with the Christmas Holiday season just around the corner, we needed to get prepared at the store. Window installations, garlands, lights, etc ... you know the drill. But its all done now and the shop looks fabulous (if I may say so myself!)

I was actually planning on writing about something totally different today. We received some fabulous new Men's Flannel shirts, Hoodies & Sweaters last week at Hamptons Club and I wanted to to tell you all about them. But that has to wait till next time ... all I want to say is: they are the coolest vintage inspired sweaters and softest workmen flannel shirts you will ever ever ever own.

Anyhow, over the weekend I was browsing my favorite Pinterest boards and came across some pictures of the "Something's Gotta Give" House. They instantly caught my attention and have done ever since I first saw the movie in 2003 (Gasp ... has it really been that long ago?)

Before I ramble on about the greatness of the set design of this movie and the other two I want to talk about, I must give you some background info. Nancy Meyers is the writer and producer of all three of the above pictured Blockbusters. She is also to be credited with the success of "Father of the Bride" "The Parent Trap" and many many more movies. But what sets Ms. Meyers' films apart from the rest, are the utterly fabulous, creative, sophisticated, homely and just plain beautiful set designs. This is the reason why I have been watching the "Three best set design movies of all times" over and over and over again. They have given us endless inspiration.

Don't get me wrong, the story lines of all three films are very good too but after a couple of times you kinda know it all ... so I really watch the films for the interior design. The stories are all extremely entertaining, curious and funny with some good acting thrown in by some of the best actors around. They are not entirely "chick flicks" material but they are romantic comedies nevertheless.

Let's start today with my favorite! 
Movie NR 1. (drum roll ...) 
"Something's Gotta Give" with Diane Keaton, Jack Nicholson and a very young looking Keanu Reeves. Here is where most of the movie takes place. In The Hamptons (of course) at Erica Barry's (Diane Keaton) BEACH HOUSE ... sigh ..... 

 You just know, that on the other side you will find the most beautiful sandy beach and the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ă“cean! Look at that Porch ... this is were you want to sit on an Adirondack chair, sipping afternoon tea and watching the world go by.

Lets go inside: (this one is taken at night ... I couldn't resist, 
the atmosphere is just to good to bypass!)
This is pretty much the view when entering the house.

Here is the living room all lit up, bright and shiny. Look at the open space, all flowing freely
with high ceilings and white walls! We used that specific wall paint on all our wood work and
some of the walls at Hamptons Club and in our home. In case you are interested:
It is "Pointing" from Farrow & Ball.

The famous living room. Look at that beautiful wainscoting on the walls, it gives the room instant character! I actually took inspiration from this photograph when I designed the Interior of Hamptons Club. We used Wainscoting around the cash register and the changing rooms ... have a look:

 OK, back to the Movie ... here is another view of the living room towards 
the entrance and into the dining area.

Floor to ceiling book shelves as part of the living room. 
No formal library needed in this Beach House!

The dining area with exit to the patio. I am not usually a fan of cupboards with plate racks, 
but even I must admit, that this dining area is wonderful! The perfect mix of 
neutrals and dark wood ... look how shiny the floor boards are.
(I am sure they don't have two Yorkies running and skidding about the place!)

And now the "show stopping" kitchen, which has been on every housewife's wish list since that movie was released in 2003. Black granite counter tops, white cupboards with charcoal
metal handles and a professional gas range. None of these fancy wine cooling fridges or
other gadgets which would be (in my humble opinion) totally lost in this kitchen.

And another view ... just because  .... 

Lets' take a walk to Erika's bedroom which doubles up as her office. Erica is a writer and she prefers to work from her desk in her bedroom overlooking the Atlantic Ocean ... double sigh ...

 I think we can agree, that this is the perfect work space! And if a break is needed, 
lets hop over to the Pool!

 But what I love the most about this house is the fact, that you open the front door and you can look through the living room towards large glass paned floor to ceiling windows past the Pool and onto the breaking waves of the Atlantic. Truly truly my most favorite house of all times. 

Even though it is a stage set and has been taken down after filming.
The exterior shots however are real. The house is located in The Hamptons.

Next up tomorrow:
Favorite Set Design Movie Nr. 2
"The Holiday" with Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz & Jude Law


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