I am so very excited about the arrival of Ralph Lauren’s new brand “POLO Ralph Lauren” for WOMEN! The label has been around for a while and POLO kitted out the men and boys of the last decades. Of course there are Blue Label and Collection pieces for Women but they are usually on the higher end of the budget.  Sometimes we just want something fun & colorful without breaking the bank!
With the arrival of POLO, Ralph creates fashion and accessories for a bohemian, romantic woman. The POLO Woman feels at home in the city of New York and equally in the open fields of the country side. I am so so happy to have the collection at HAMPTONS CLUB and can’t wait to show you the new range for Fall & Winter! 

Here are a few pics of the new POLO Store on 5th Avenue!

Hope you enjoy them! XO ds

On the second second floor of the three story building, Ralph Lauren has opened his very own coffee shop “Ralph’s coffee”. According to some bloggers in New York, the coffee is actually pretty good. The “Man” himself has chosen the beans and the coffee is roasted in the USA.There is only one cup size, so no need to make long decisions! Later on in Autumn, he will follow up with the launch of an American Bar Restaurant at the same location. If its anything as good as “Ralph’s” in Saint Germain, Paris, it is going to be a sure winner!


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